Friday, April 11, 2008

Pixar - A Human Story of Computer Animation

Ians Highlights from this video:

00:44:35 where they talk about the role of the technology in the creative process.

00:47:50 Where Edd Catmull talks about the way the technology is just a way of achieving the goal (telling stories).

00:59:40 where Andrew talks about the vibe between the team working on Toy Story.

01:03:30 where Edd talks about the importance of Brads passion (I want to see more passion from my students!)

00:16:10 where Brad talks about what makes characters realistic (how real they look, or how real the movement is).

1:20:50 where Brad talks about contrast in timing in a scene from Family Dog.

01:24:28 where Andrew and Brad talk about the persistence and work ethic required to do something right, and how its important to get it wrong as quickly as you can so that you can start to improve it ("Use the time to make as many mistakes as you can.") that's gold.

01:27:45 Andrew and Brad on the importance of acting and looking at real life.

01:32:36 Perhaps MOST IMPORTANTLY to us, given whats happening in the Brisbane educational environment, where they talk about the importance of students learning the basic principles, and how drawing is a key "communication" tool for animation that is important to learn (as apposed to an illustrative tool).

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