Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good Show Reels Get Jobs

Check out the cool example show reel from RMIT graduate Avner Engel who I met at the 11 Second Club.

There's been much discussion on this blog and amongst the 2nd years about show reels and narrative films as methods to show off a student's skills as an animator to potential employers. The creative end result was a change in the animation course where both objectives were aimed for: create an animation that contain Essential Animation Principle Scenes (EAPS). Yipes! The project has to be less than 90 seconds long.

*New* 2nd year Quiz (win yourself a Snickers for the first correct answer listing the EAPS in the show reel, in the comments); Did Avner fulfil all the EAPS that are required of us?

Avner's excellent reel reminded me of some notes I took about animation to consider for a show reel:
  1. Remember; always put your best work at the front of your reel

  2. Remember; keep it short and slick

  3. Walk cycle & run cycle (2 views of each, e.g. front & side)

  4. Dialogue; showing acting of emotion and the use of body language to convey meaning

  5. A scene with two characters showing a physical interaction e.g. dancing

  6. A push/pull scene where your character struggles with an inanimate object

  7. A gymnastic action showing your character jumping, tumbling or maybe even doing gymnastics!

  8. Character designs; show your versatility and imagination: e.g. slender, large;
    show your characters' (above) basic movements in relation to their design

  9. Idle animation; breathing, looking around, preparing for an action, subtle thinking

  10. 2D animation; Flash, stop motion, traditional (only if they are good)

    What do you reckon? Maybe industry animators have a show reel tip to tell us about?

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