Saturday, March 10, 2007

More from Glen

Here is another YouTube clip of Glen Keane drawing, ya just can't get enough of this. One thing I would point out here is how when he is roughing out the character he holds the pencil a good 3 or 4cm from the tip, also if you look at him on the right of screen you can see that he sits up quite straight as he draws (not leaning in towards the page).

Its funny how artists are sometimes reluctant to embrace these kinds of things. If an expert showed us how to hold the cutting tool when using a wood turning lathe in order to get the best results, we wouldn't think twice about following the directions.
But because we spent our childhood making up how we will draw it's easy to think that we can continue making things up as we progress into our professional career. After all this is ART and art is different isn't it? Well I don't buy it, I think animation is only art if its used creatively, usually its more about entertainment (that's probably what got you hooked in the first place). Learning the techniques used by the best in the BUSINESS doesn't limit your artistic creativity anyway, it empowers you.

Another thing worth noting is that he doesn't just draw one hard defining line, he lightly draws over where he is thinking the line should be several times looking for the best spot. After this he draws in heavier, I would bet he is using some kind of heavy lead (2, 4, 6B) too. Its just beautiful to watch him in action, and only something that you could see recently thanks to the magic of the Internet.

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Frank said...

I read somewhere that Glen Keane animates with a 7B pencil. But whatever, it is it is a soft lead pencil.